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23 March
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i’ll never find
lost in a mine field, running for the door, i find myself wishing, i’d been wanting for more. There’s nothing else left now, only the vague recollection, distant memories piling up, searching for more in the wrong direction.

chase // 18 // student // lost // aries // musical // despondent // fighter // writer // gamer // isolist // single // gay // proud // surviving //

r a ra rasputin
duran duran // him // taking back sunday // boney m // abba // lady gaga // britney spears // feeder // erasure // nirvana // breathe carolina // spinnerette // hole // my chemical romance // timbaland // the killers // horrorpops //

welcome,i’m a fairly adaptable girl, i like people, interacting and study. I choose my isolation, i choose my freedom, i speak my mind, i do not lie, i am blunt and uncaring of your view of me. I fight, i scream, i battle through. I will not be stopped from living, i shall not be contained. i am free.
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